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LKV7505-AV Converter User Mannal AV/BNC TO VGA


This video converter can convert the source signals of CVBS, VIDEO and S-VIDEO into VGA signal. with adoption of advanced video straight-through technology, the source signals of BNC, AV and S-VIDEO can be converted into progressive scanning vga signal without any data loss. What is more, the parameters of the program source such as brightness and contrast are adjustable. It supports plug-and-play, no driver program installation is needed.


1. Supported conversion of video signal formats: from CVBS or S-VIDEO signal into frequency multiplication  processed high-resolution VGA signal.

2. Multiple input signal formats are supported: CVBS, S-VIDEO and VGA. Also automatic identification of the two color systems i.e. PAL and NTSC is supported.     

3. Support output resolution(4:3 screen): 800×600@60/75Hz; 1024×768@60Hz; 1208×1024@60Hz 600×1200@60Hz             

4. Support output resolution(16:9/16:10 screen ): 1208×720@60Hz; 1366×768@60Hz;    1440×900@60Hz;  1600×90@60Hz; 1680×1050@60Hz; 1920×1080@60Hz; 1920×1200@60Hz.   

5. Adjustable brightness, contrast, color saturation and hue.

6. Current working status can be saved on accidental power-off.

7. OSD caption prompts function for all operation and status.

8. Dimensions: 105mm(max. length)×65mm(max. width)×27mm(max. Height).

Connection Sketch of Video Converter

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