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LKV383S HDbitT HDMI Extender


    HDMI HDbitT extender, takes the advantages of the latest transmission technology - HDbitT, extends your HDMI video/audio with the  resolution of 1080p 60Hz up to 120m(394 feet) via single network cable. Supports IR signal trans mission, to control media playback of the signal source device at the display location.


1. Applies advanced HDbitT over IP technology
2. Transmission distance is up to 120 meters via CAT6 cable
3. Resolution supported is up to 1920x1080@60Hz
4. Supports 20~60KHz IR devices
5. Supports RS232 Bi-directional pass back
6. Allows to be distributed by network routers for cascade 
    connection and support one transmitter to many receivers to 
    realize distribution and extension functions
7. Plug and play
8. Metal housing, stable and durable
9. Wall-mountable design, easy for installation


1. Point to Point connection: Up to 120 meters transmission dista-
      nce over single CAT6 (High quality cable can reach 150 meters) .

2.  Router Connection: By using network router/repeater, realize 
       unlimited extension.

3.   One-to-many Connection: By using network router/switch,one 

        sender to several receivers, realize extender & splitter function.

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