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LKV329 HDbitT HDMI Extender over Any Two Conductor Cables

Product Introduction

This Extender transmits and receives HDMI signal over any simple 2 conductor cables, such 2 conductor cables can be network cable, power line, coaxial cable, telephone wire etc. This extender includes a transmitter unit and a receiver unit, transmission distance is up to 300 meters. It supports multicast that one transmitter unit is capable of driving up to 4 receiver units using either 4 individual wire pairs over 300m each, or daisy chaining the receivers. IR passback for controling the transmitter side source signal easily from the receiver side. In additional, it is with RS232 serial port that supports bi-directional RS232 pass back .This product is widely used in home theater system, media projects, entertainment and exhibition center. 


1 . Applies advanced HDbitT over IP technology
2 . Transmits HDMI signal over any simple 2 conductor cables, it could be 
     network cable, power line, coaxial cable, telephone wire etc
3 . Supported resolution is up to full HD 1080p@60Hz
4 . Transmission distance is up to 300 meters
5 . IR passback for controlling the transmitter side source signal easily 
     from the receiver side
6 . Supports bi-directional RS232 pass back
7 . Supports one way HDMI  loop output
8 .  Plug and play, easy for installation
9 . Supports multicast that one transmitter unit is capable of driving up 
     to 4 receiver units


1.  Unicast configuration: up to 30 meters transmission distance over any 2 conductor cables

2.  Multicast configuration: one transmitter to four receivers, realize extender & splitter funtion

Connection instruction

1 ) Connect source device to Transmitter unit (TX), and display 
     device to Receiver unit (RX) via HDMI cables.
2 ) Connect Transmitter unit (TX) and Receiver unit (RX) via any 
     2 conductor cable.
3 ) Plug the power supply to Transmitter unit and Receiver unit (RX).

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