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LKV201MS HDMI 2x1 Dual Multiviewer Switcher


This is a HDMI 2x1 Dual Multiviewer Switcher, with 2 HDMI inputs, and 1 HDMI output, displays video from two HDMI source devices simultaneously on a single monitor. Switch to and control any of the two source devices while monitoring another one connections in real time. It supports full screen mode and dual mode. HDMI signal resolution supported is up to 1080p@60Hz. It is widely used in many applications that require real-time monitoring of multiple devices, like DVD player, cameras and computers. It is the perfect solution for the applications need to monitor several sources at the same time.


1.  Support 2 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI output
2.  Support full screen mode and dual mode
3.  HDMI signal resolution supported is up to 1080p@60Hz
4.  Support to switch mode by remote control and button in 
     the front of the panel
5.  Plug and play
6.  Metal casing, stable and durable
7.  Wall-mountable design, convenient for installation

Connection and Opration

1.  Connection drawing 

2.  Connection instruction 
1)  Connect source device and this dual multiviewer switcher unit via HDMI cable.
2)  Connect this dual multiviewer switcher unit and HD displays via HDMI cable.
3)  Connect power supplies of all devices, and this dual multiviewer switcher work.

3.  Display Modes

Full screen mode:

Dual mode:

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