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LKV372S HDMI Network Extender

Product Introduction

This HDMI Extender includes a transmitter unit (TX) and a receiver unit(RX), working as a pair. It allows for transmission and extension uncompressed full HD 1080p@60Hz HDMI signal via CAT6/6A/7 network cable, the transmission distance is up to 50 meters with zero latency. This product is perfect for AV transmission in applications of HD conference system, HD video shooting, HD multimedia education system, home entertainment and signage etc.     

Product Feature

1. Portable size design.
2. Support HDMI1.3, compatible with HDCP1.2
3. Resolution supported is up to full HD 1080p@60Hz.
4. Use  CAT6/6A/7 for long distance transmission up to 50 meters 
5. Uncompressed and zero latency.
6. Micro USB cable for power, support receiver powered from 
7. Plug and play, without installation. 


 Connection instruction
1 )  Plug the transmitter unit (TX) to the HDMI output port of the source device
      directly, and plug the receiver (RX) to the HDMI input port of the display
      device directly.
2 )  Connect Transmitter unit (TX) and Receiver unit (RX) via network
      cables (CAT6,CAT6A or CAT7).
3)   Connect the USB cable to Transmitter unit only, each unit will be powered
      up, this HDMI extender works .   

      [NOTE] It is recommended to use a length range within 15~50m network 
              cable. If the CAT6 cable is too short, there may be no display output 
              because of the signal is too strong. If the CAT6 cable is too long, the
              output may be with poor quality. 

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