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LKV388Dongle HDMI Wireless Extender 50m


This HDMI wireless extender includes transmitter unit and receiver unit, allows to transmit and extend HDMI signal up to 50 meters long away wirelessly, it has strong anti-interference ability by running at 5GHz operation frequency, and supports point to point connection. IR passback with 20-60KHz frequency helps to remote control the source device from the receiver side. It is really a very good solution for meeting, conference, home entertainment and multi-media education etc.
1) Transmission distance will be different due to the environment.
2) Wall, brick or glass will shorten the signal cover range or cause big signal loss.


1. Support HDMI1.3, compatible with HDCP1.2.

2. Highest resolution up to 1080p full HD.
3. Strong anti-interference ability by running at 5GHz 

    operation frequency .

4. Support point to point wireless configuration.

5. Support IR passback with 20-60KHz frequency.

6. 50 meters long range transmission distance. 

7. Plug and play, easy installation.


Connection instruction:
1)  Connect HDMI input to HDMI source device and connect IR blaster 
      extension cable to IR OUT interface of the sender (TX).
2)  Connect HDMI output to HDMI display device and connect IR
      receiver extension cable to IR IN interface.
3)  Power on the device (power led lights) and it works.


1) When the wireless signal transmits through wall, glass or other
     obstacles, it will cause signal loss. Please install this device in
     good environment with few obstacles.
2) The external environment wireless signal will affect transmission, 
     such as micro waver, wireless mouse and keyboard etc.  

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