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LKV412-V2.0 4×2 HDMI Matrix Switch


This product is a 4×2 HDMI2.0 Matrix Switch, supports resolution up to 4K×2K@60Hz, with 4 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs. 4 HDMI inputs accommodate the simultaneous connection up to 4 high definition video sources, such as satellite systems and Blu-ray players. 2 HDMI outputs send the high definition A/V signals to 2 ultra HD displays. This Matrix Switch supports IR remote control, button control and RS232 for switching inputs and outputs. This product is perfect for security system, digital monitoring system, school education system, exhibition center, multimedia conference, command system etc.


1. Support 4 way HDMI signal input, switching or distributing 
    to 2 display devices that support HDMI signal input.
2. Supports up to ultra HD resolution 4K×2K@60Hz.
3. Transmission data rate up to 18Gbps.
4. Pure hardware design, plug and play.
5. Support IR remote and button control for 
    switching inputs/outputs.
6. Support RS232 control.
7. Supports YUV 4:4:4.
8. Support 3D.


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