• HDMI Converter
  • VGA Converter
  • Extender
  • Splitter
  • Matrix Switch
  • Multiviewer Switch
  • Video Wall Controller
  • HDbitT Wireless Extender
  • LKV379ATSC             HDMI to ATSC Converter
    This is an HDMI to ATSC Converter, perfect solution to distribute HDMI signal to ATSC standard digital cable television via coaxial cables. Output can be set to any channel number and injected directly to your CATV splitter to distribute to all your ......
    Time:May 25,2017
  • LKV314EDID     1x4 HDMI Splitter
    1x4 HDMI splitter distributes 1 HDMI source to 4 HDMI displays simultaneously. Apply for STB, DVD, Media player, laptop, D-VHS and other HD-Player devices. It’s compatible with HDMI 3D and 4Kx2K.......
    Time:Mar 25,2017
  • LKV3078  Fast Ethernet Converter
    This is a Fast Ethernet standard compliant converter, includes a FIBER OUT unit and a FIBER IN unit. This converter allows users to convert the Fast Ethernet transmission media from UTP to fiber or fiber to UTP.......
    Time:Jun 01,2017
  • LKV379DVB-T, HDMI to RF Mini Modulator
    These HDMI to DVB-T RF Modulator accepts HDMI input from the source and modulates the signal to a CATV/DVB-T1 channel. It supports point to point, point to multipoint and multipoint to multipoint connection, enbales to display HDMI signal in every TV......
    Time:Sep 29,2016
  • LKV366 BNC to HDMI converter
    LKV366 BNC to HDMI converter, it converts BNC signal to HDMI signal with upscaler funtion, supports output 720P/1080p. If you need to replace expensive LCD video monitor by normal LCD, or you need to convert BNC signal to HDMI signal, this BNC to HDM......
    Time:Aug 02,2016
  • LKV350mini VGA to HDMI Converter
    LKV350mini VGA to HDMI Converter with By-Pass Convert Technology,with it now you can connect your PC to HDTV which maybe the biggest screen in your house, all you need is a HDMI cable, then enjoy the brighter and high–definition media, surf the Inter......
    Time:Aug 02,2016
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