• HDMI Converter
  • VGA Converter
  • Extender
  • Splitter
  • Matrix Switch
  • Multiviewer Switch
  • Video Wall Controller
  • HDbitT Wireless Extender
  • LKV168 HDMI Repeater Extender
    Pure hardware design HDMI repeater extender easily connects DVD or other HDMI source device to display TV for long distance up to 10M.
    It adopts digital noise reduction technology to solve the noise problem caused by long cable transmission. ......
    Time:May 04,2017
  • LKV372AE HDMI Network Extender Over Single cable
    This HDMI network extender transmits HDMI 1080p AV signal up to 50M with cat6 or higher level cables. It overcomes HDMI signal transmission distance limit to make projects more stable and save cost to a large extent. ......
    Time:Jun 21,2017
  • LKV379 HDMI Extender by Coaxial Cable
    This LKV379 HDMI extender uses 64QAM mode to realize the HD signal to HD digital TV signal conversion and transmit via coaxial cable from HDMI source to HDMI display for long distance.......
    Time:Aug 02,2016
  • LKV375 HDbaseT Extender
    This LKV375 HDbaseT extender is based on HDbaseT technology, it can extend your high resolution up to 4Kx2K HDMI display up to 70 meters away your HDMI source by using single Cat5e/6/7 cable.......
    Time:Aug 02,2016
  • LKV373Matrix HDMI Extender up to 120m,with IR
    HDMI Extender Matrix switch/splitter,matrix extender function through Lan switch which supports IGMP HDMI Extender upto 120m,with IR, with Matrix switch It delivers reliable HDMI transmission over single cat5/6 cable and enable matrix extender functi......
    Time:Feb 14,2017
  • LKV374 HDMI Extender over single CAT5e/6
    HDMI Extender over single CAT5e/6 can support the transmission up to 120m and Router fused together. It can be worked as HDMI extender and Router.......
    Time:Aug 31,2016
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