• HDMI Converter
  • VGA Converter
  • Extender
  • Splitter
  • Matrix Switch
  • Multiviewer Switch
  • Video Wall Controller
  • HDMI Extender Matrix
  • HDbitT Wireless Extender
  • Matrix Controller
  • LKV3089 Analog to Digital Audio converter
    LKV3089 LKV3089 analog to digital audio converter losslessly converts 3.5mm stereo audio or L/R audio to coaxial or optical digital audio. With 10-year experience in audio/video conversion technology, LENKENG can be counted on. Features Con......
    Time:Aug 02,2016
  • LKV3088 Digital to Analog Audio Converter
    LKV3088 This Digital to Analog Audio Converter is designed for either home or professional audio switching. It takes audio from your multichannel S/PDIF or TOSLINK digital audio source and converts it to standard L/R analog audio ,available......
    Time:Aug 02,2016
  • LKV8000 PSP to HDMI Converter (discontinued)
    LKV8000(1080P) When you connect PSP to TV directly, you can only get partial display on the central area of the TV screen, while with LKV8000 PSP to HDMI Converter, you achieve full-screen display. It not only converts Component Video and A......
    Time:Aug 02,2016
  • LKV376 PC to HDMI over LAN(discontinued)
    LKV376 HDMI NET Share Station is an perfect networking display solution,it allows multiple users in the same Ethemet network to access the display without physically connect their computer directly to the display! The product supports ONLY ONE connec......
    Time:Aug 02,2016
  • LKV166 HDMI ESD protection + Surge Protection +5V Booster
    LKV166 HDMI protector HDMI protector can offer full protection to your HDMI devices like PS3, HDTV fromHDMI ESD and HDMI surge. It can also supply adequate power to the back-end HDMIdevices. HDMi ESD protector ESD(ElectrostaticDischarge) is a very no......
    Time:Aug 02,2016
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