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4×4 HDMI Matrix with 4KX2K@30Hz
LKV414 This product is a 4×4 HDMI HD Matrix Switch, with 4 HDMI inputs and 4 HDMI outputs. 4 HDMI inputs accommodate the simultaneous connection up to 4 high definition video sources, such as satellite systems and Blu-ray players. 4 HDMI outputs send the high definition audio/video signals to 4 HDTV displays. This Matrix Switch supports IR remote control and button control for switching inputs and outputs.

1. Support 4 HDMI signal input and 4 HDMI signal output.

2. Support up to ultra HD resolution 4K×2K@30Hz.

3. Transmission data rate up to 10.2Gbps.

4. Support IR remote control.

5. Support RS232 control.

6. Support button control for switching inputs/outputs.

7. Pure hardware design, plug and play.

8. Support3D.

9. Support YUV4:2:2.

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