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120M HDbitT HDMI over IP Extender Matrix
LKV383Matrix This HDMI extender matrix applied advanced HDbitT over IP technology uses Lan switch supporting IGMP to construct a many to many HDMI extender matrix funcution. It allows up to 99 pcs transmitters and unlimited receivers in theory. This product delivers reliable HDMI signal over single CAT5/5e/6 cable up to 120m/394ft.

1. Route multiple HDMI sources to multiple HDMI devices through Lan switch supporting IGMP

2. Offer scalable and flexible input-output matrix configuration, allows 99 input to infinite output.
3. The highest resolution supported is up to 1080P@60Hz
4. Deliver HDMI signal up to 120m over network cable
5. CAT5/5e/6 cable compatible
6. Support point to point and point to multipoint connection
7. Support IR pass back function to control source device from RX location.
8. Support computer control software to select and switch source device input.
9. Plug and play.
10. Support to select and switch source device input from receiver via remote control and hard button.

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