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HDMI Extender Matrix over Coaxial Cable
LKV339Matrix This HDMI extender matrix converts HDMI signal to RF signal and transmits it over existing coaxial cable up to 700 meters and enables build up a many to many HDMI extender matrix by cascade connection. It is a ideal solution for CCTV, digital signage, hotel TV, home TV system, and multimedia classroom.
1. Route multiple HDMI sources to multiple HDMI devices
2. Support up to unlimited transmitters input and output
3. Extend HDMI signal over a single coaxial cable
4. Support transmission distance up to 700m.
5. Support resolutions up to 1080P@60Hz
6. One RF loop out at Transmitter and Receiver
7. Support to select and switch source device input from receiver via remote control
8. Strong anti-noise and strong anti-interference ability
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