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HDbitT HDMI Video Matrix Over IP LKV683Matrix
LKV683Matrix This HDbitT HDMI video matrix over IP includes a transmitter unit(TX) and a receiver unit(RX). It allows for the distribution and switching of high definition video/audio signal by this product and off-the-shelf IGMP switch. It applied advanced HDbitT technology, the resolution supported is up to 4K×2K@30Hz ultra HD. It can also used in a point-to-point connection, the distance is up to 120 meters. It is widely applied in digital signage advertisement, control room, command centers, entertainment and exhibition center, safety monitoring system, etc.

1.  Plug and play.

2. Apply advanced HDbitT over IP technology.

3. Transmission distance is up to 120 meters via CAT6.

4. Resolution supported is up to 4K×2K@30Hz ultra HD.

5. Support IR pass back function to control source device from RX location.

6. Support computer control software to select and switch source device input.

7. Support scalable and flexible input-output matrix configuration, allows 100 inputs to infinite output.

8. Support to select and switch source device input from receiver via remote control and hard button.

9. Support APP control, user can scan, preview, build up their configuration by using a phone/tablet easily. 

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