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LKV388IR IR Signal Wireless Extender
LKV388IR This IR signal wireless extender includes IR transmitter unit and IR receiver unit, is designed to get your remote control's signal to where it needs to go, there is no need to run a wire from the IR receiver end of your setup to where the devices are located. Since IR signals need line-of-sight to work, you will need this extender if the equipment you're trying to control is not in sight. You'll need to extend your IR signals, especially if your TV is wall-mounted.

1. Portable size design
2. Low power consumption
3. Metal casing, stable and durable
4. Extend Remote Control Signals Wirelessly
5. Include a IR transmitter and a IR receiver, working as a pair
6. Long wireless distance is up to 200m , distance may vary due to obstacles
7. Wide IR frequency 20 to 60 KHz, compatible with any IR equipped device

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